The Plymouth Church & Pomerini

Welcome Shadrack Nyaulingo, Headmaster of the Pomerini Secondary School

In May 13, 2017, Mr. Shadrack Nyaulingo, Headmaster of the Pomerini Secondary School, visited us for two weeks as part of our Africa Exchange Project. He updated us on our efforts to bring fresh water, improve education and expand health care to the rural village of Pomerini and surrounding villages. Since his return to Pomerini, Shadrack has effectively guided the use of our funds in construction at the secondary school and kept us informed on our renovations at the health care dispensary. To see an overview of recent developments there and other important developments at the school click here.

The highlight of Mr. Shadrack’s visit took place on Saturday, May 20, 2017. It was a wonderful evening, especially for fans of programs like The Moth where “stories are told live and without notes.” Hosted by Fugitive Stories, our theme was “Unexpected.” Stories came from both professional storytellers and from within the Africa Exchange Project.

During Mr. Shadrack’s visit and throughout 2017, we have focused on our ongoing three objectives: water, education, healthcare. Having drilled 42 fresh water wells, throughout the region, we are circling back to ensure the long-term health of that investment. We have begun flushing under performing wells and have begun underwriting efforts to improve water storage. With greater access to water, we have witnessed an increase in school enrollment — both in the primary and secondary schools.  More students means more teachers and administrative support. Just as here in the United States, all our gains can be undone by illness or poor health. Therefore an important part of our work is to improve the services offered at the Medical Dispensary.

To learn more about our 2017 fund-raising goals see the attached flyer.

Africa Exchange Project: A Success Story

The Plymouth Church in Framingham, United Church of Christ, has engaged in international outreach for decades. The Africa Exchange Project, our most recent and largest scale effort, has provided a deep and dynamic relationship with the community of Pomerini, a rural village in Tanzania, East Africa. Seventeen members of our congregation traveled there in 2007, where they discovered that the only source of water for the community was a contaminated river three miles away. Since then the Africa Exchange Project has been committed to bringing fresh water to Pomerini and the surrounding areas by installing simple mechanical wells near the homes and schools in the community. To date, we have drilled 43 wells in the Pomerini vicinity, which provide fresh, clean water to thousands of people. In addition, our efforts have expanded to include providing funding for building schools, supporting school programs and helping to train and pay teachers. We are currently en lag ring our scope even further to include improving the health care facility in the village. Perhaps even more significantly we have sustained an exchange program facilitating the travel of Tanzanians to Metrowest and supporting families and individuals who visit there. Please explore our site to learn more about our work. For even more information or to get involved please contact Rob Schadt at

Project Updates

Electricity Brought to Pomerini in 2016

This summer the Tanzanian government made some major infrastructure improvements throughout the country including bringing electrical power to some of its remote areas, including the village of Pomerini. Funds from the Africa Exchange Project were used to install wiring in the Pastor’s compound, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the kindergarten, and the dispensary.

In the communication below our colleague, Barnabas Chavala shares his thanks on behalf of their entire community. He also acknowledges the support the Africa Exchange Project is providing for the secondary school in Pomerini.

August 2, 2016

“Dear friend and brother, Rob. Greetings to yourself, your beloved wife and the entire brothers and sisters over there! Thank you so much for your thrilling e-mail you sent me few days ago. ..That is great! We are doing well here in Pomerini. Todd wrote me that he will be wiring $ 2,000 for the administrative block next week. I shared the news with Shadrack, the Headmaster. We both were excited to the maximum not believing the news! We love you, we honor you and we glorify the Lord! Be blessed abundantly.

“Last Sunday we invited the Bishop to come and inaugurate the electricity power project at the church and the dispensary. The ceremony was very, very colorful. We also drew special prayers for the Plymouth Church for the valuable donation you did until this dream has become possible. In fact you have put an unforgettable mark in the church history besides the many things you did and that which you are doing for the betterment of this community. God will add you on all that you are doing. I will send you some of the pictures of the event. Tell all that we love them.”

In Christ,
Yours Barnabas